Our lounge is now open!

Maybe this is your first rodeo, and maybe you’ve been apart of the Salesforce community for years. No matter, the deal we have for you is the same. Fleetwood Mac is performing, Beck is performing, Michelle Obama is speaking, and that doesn’t include the thousands of sessions, panels and activities planned for hoards of attendees. It all sounds so exciting, maybe even stressful, and we at Barbary Coast Dispensary can help with that. 
We are a stone’s throw from the Moscone Center and a handful of other convention venues. We strive to consistently provide a range of products at accessible prices for everyone’s needs and tastes. And then there’s the lounge. Forget smoking in your hotel, or around the corner from the Salesforce Tower, or even in the park. In the room adjacent to the purchasing space is a fully-permitted space for patrons to consume and enjoy their purchases on clean, safe equipment in a respectable and well-ventilated environment.
The question, then, is not if you’re coming in but when. We are open 8am everyday and last call is 9:45pm, just up the street from the San Francisco Chronicle building. If you smell cannabis, you’re getting closer. If you show us your Dreamforce lanyard, we’ll take 10% off your order and you can get lost in a cloud of a different kind!

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