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Welcome Openworlders!

Logo for 2018 Oracle ConventionYou made it. San Francisco is at your fingertips, but you only have four days to experience one of the best cities in the world! You gotta eat, you gotta let off steam, and you GOT to check out the legal cannabis industry. We are here to help!
Early AM:
Time to wake up! Likely, you are staying at a hotel in the SOMA district near the Moscone convention center, where you will be learning, networking and panelling, etc. If you ate the continental breakfast, you may have time to peep around the dispensaries before the conference starts. (By the way, we are open at 8am) If your hotel doesn’t provide breakfast, we have some suggestions.

  • Dottie’s True Blue Cafe: 6th and Market St. This is a cafe that has everything! They have pancakes, cereals, bacon eggs on eggs on eggs and some great margaritas. Prices are reasonable and service is speedy. There may be a line!
  • Home Skillet: Another great option for classic American breakfast. If it’s cooked in a skillet, they have it. Our staff orders takeout here almost weekly. 6th and Market.
  • A little ways away, on 5th and Mission, is Cafe Venue. They are open early and specialize in breakfast burritos and wraps, and they have a great smoothie bar.

After your meal it’s probably time to head to the convention. I can imagine panels, presentations and seminars can be quite exhausting and dare I say, not the liveliest. If you have a free block of time, it may be time to explore. SoMa is a vibrant neighborhood on the rise with plenty to see and do. It also houses the mostly dispensaries out of all the districts in San Francisco. If you’re staying in a hotel, or in an area where your coworkers may see you, might we recommend a dispensary with a lounge. There are a couple to choose from, but Barbary Coast meets and exceeds all expectations.
Smoke break!
There are two rooms: the buying room and the smoking room. We have just about everything, bud, joints, vape pens, topicals, edibles, concentrates and dabs, so it may take a minute to go through all your options, which is ok! We love helping people get high. Once you figure out what you’d like and how you’d like to take it, you can head next door to the smoking room. Ala Amsterdam, we provide tables and booths for cannabis consumption in a safe, ventilated space. Patrons can enjoy their purchases in style with 5 HD tvs, free wifi, and an assortment of smoking accessories for rent, including bongs, pipes, papers, the Pax 3, and vaporizers. Don’t forget your next panel!

So after some conferencing and/or cannabis, it’s time to eat again.

  • Tin is a great Vietnamese restaurant on Howard between 5th and 6th streets. The service is quick, the food is great and you are only a 5 minute walk from Moscone and Barbary Coast!
  • Back to 5th and Mission streets, The Cavallier is a London-inspired eatery open all day, but their lunch is particularly tasty. They also know how to pour a strong drink.
  • The Yerba Buena center is right across the street, and has many restaurants adjacent. Tropisueno is a sit-down Mexican spot next to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the museum itself hosts a great Jewish deli called Wise Sons.

Late Afternoon:
Whew! You finished all your mingling and meetings for the day, but it’s a little too early for dinner, say, 4:30. That is the perfect time to come back for another toke and to see the demo of the day. Every day this week Barbary Coast will be hosting representatives from some of our favorite brands and their best products, with samplings and promotions!

  • Monday it’s cartridges,
  • Tuesday it’s dabs,
  • Wednesday it’s vaporizers and
  • Thursday it’s more dabs AND vaporizers.

After catching a nice buzz, a trip to the MoMa or the Contemporary Jewish Museum might blow your mind. If you lose track of time or place, feel free to give us a call or check our instagram @barbary_coast_staff.
After another visit to the lounge, you must be starving, and hankering for some fun!
Many of the lunch places mentioned also do dinner, but why double dip?

  • A stone’s throw from Barbary Coast is Tempest at 431 Natoma St. They know us, and we know them. It’s a true SF dive with a side kitchen to die for. The Box, it’s called is an eclectic hole in the wall with things like mac n cheese egg rolls, pork belly potatoes and grilled brussel sprouts.
  • Fondue Cowboy is on Folsom off of 7th, and like the name suggests offers a variety of things to dip into a bowl of melted cheese or chocolate. They fill up fast!
  • Fogo de Chao is some of the best Brazilian food in the city.

You made it! The sun has set and the city is churning! Anywhere in SF there is bound to be a bar a block away, but not all bars are created equal. We know all the ones worth your time.

  • The Metreon movie theatre is right off the Yerba Buena Center on Mission and 4th if you’re in the mood.
  • Monarch, on 6th and Mission is a not-too-big night club with a quaint lower level dance floor and a mix of hip hop and electronic music.
  • Novella is a classy bar on Mission between 2nd and 3rd street, with drinks named after famous writers. They also do a killer cocktail flight for $16!
  • If you fancy a game, Trademark and Copyright is a duet of bar and venue on Folsom at 7th, with weekly comedy shows!
  • Fancy the luck of the Irish? The Chieftan is an Irish bar on 5th and Howard.

And remember we close at 9:45 so plan wisely!

By Amelia Williams
blogger for Barbary Coast Dispensary

Still have a few questions? Head over to our Visitor’s Center for more San Francisco info!

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