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Anyone else still writing 2018 on everything?
Happy New Year Barbary Coasters! After our first appearance at Emerald Cup and a whirlwind holiday season we are stoked to be back in 2019 for our second year of recreational cannabis! Emerald Cup was big, but not bad. We saw many familiar faces and brands near and dear to us as well as new faces and products you may see around the shop.
Did you know Emerald Cup gives out awards? Consider it one big cannabis pageant, and we have a lot of winners on our shelves. Here’s a nonexhaustive guide to the creme de la creme of cannabis products from 2018.
We are known for our concentrates and dab bar perhaps more than any other category, and it’s not surprising so many of our vendors took home trophies.
Suprize Suprize is a new brand from the dab wizards behind Royal Key Organics, and for their first Cup they absolutely swept the shatter/batter category taking first, second and third place! Their Holy Nana Crack won first, but we have a half dozen more flavors, including Papaya Punch, Gushers and Mimosa. The flavors even come with a custom enamel pin!
The big sauce winner were our friends at Humboldt Terp Council with Zkittles Cake. You can try their Sour Zkittles in the meantime.
Raw Garden, our best bet for affordable sauce won second place for their Zookies, and we always have a handful of flavors in the fridge.
If you prefer solventless dabs, both Fields Extracts and Frosty Nug Man won their categories with Str8 Organics Papaya material. We have Papaya flower in right now, and options from both brands.
Another winner from the Fields team, it should come as no surprise, was their Zkittlez sauce pen, now sold with a complimentary battery. Consider it dabs on the go.
Peak Oil won for CO2 carts, and we still have their Flying Dutchman collaboration if you want something lower THC and full-spectrum.
We have also recently picked up the new Gold Drop/Bon Vivant/Blue River collaborations, of which the Strawberry Banana was among the top distillate carts of the year.
It wouldn’t be Emerald Cup if Om Edibles didn’t win something, and she won multiple things. Om’s medicated bath soaks don’t stay on the shelves for long, and we have rose, lavender, unscented and athletic formulations.
Like we said before, OM cleaned up nice. Both her THC and CBD gummi varieties took home awards this year.
Humboldt Apothecary also placed second for their Love Potion 7 tincture, a euphoric THC-heavy blend to get you in the mood, and Relax to send you off to sleep.
We have a winner in our midst! Royal Budline’s Zkittles placed fourth this year, but it’s going fast.
And that’s just for January! We are honored to work with so many notable brands and expect even more top shelf coming our way in the next few weeks and months.

  • by Amelia,
    Blog writer for Barbary Coast
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