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The epitome of the relaxed, friendly and unique vibe of San Francisco, Barbary Coast is located at 952 Mission Street. Our marijuana dispensary is comparable to no other club. For the newbie or longtime cannabis devotee, we create a welcoming, accepting and safe environment to shop top notch products, enjoy our Dab Bar and Lounge and connect with great people. We embrace locals and visitors regardless of national origins, color, race, religion, sex, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Recreational Dispensary in San Francisco

Step inside our recreational weed shop and explore a wide collection of absolutely exceptional cannabis, including California’s premier equity brands such as Emerald Sky, KGB Reserve, Get Potli, Luchador and Cascadia Gardens. All of our products are thoroughly lab tested and verified free of pesticides and molds. With a well-established and proud history dating back to 2013, Barbary Coast is thrilled to share the very best of strains with our customers.

Extracts, carts, pills, tinctures, beverages, topicals, infused pre-rolls, beautiful bud and all sorts of innovative edibles, such as peanut butter cups, shrimp chips, cannabutter, caramel bites and milk chocolate bites are just the beginning. At our recreational dispensary, we’ve got full-quartz Enails and gear that’s practical, fun and innovative. We’ve got indicas, sativas and hybrids with powerful THC potency as well as amazing CBD options. Check out rewards, deals, VIP program, excellent customer service and delivery area across San Francisco, CA.

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