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What are you hoping for from your cannabis experience? Your goals and expectations are as unique as the right consumption method. Some offer quick onset of effects while others make you wait yet linger for ours. Some are straightforward and others require accessories and a bit more effort. The right choice depends on lots of factors, from your metabolism to experience level, and it may take a bit of experimentation to determine the perfect fit.

Learn About Different Methods of Cannabis Consumption

As a local favorite in San Francisco, Barbary Coast offers recreational and medicinal cannabis of a wide variety. We welcome you to stop by, get to know us and our products. Let us get to know you and your preferences. Our budtenders are knowledgeable, happy to help and your best source for recommendations. Let us introduce you to our Lounge & Dab Bar as well as an exciting selection of strains, potency, terpenes, and effects.

Cannabis Consumption Methods

Are you looking for something discreet? Consider the portability of a tincture. Our beverages are straightforward and tasty while our menu of edibles intensifies long-lasting effects. Capsules provide high bioavailability and precision dosing while our vapes are safe, easy and healthy. Maybe you’d prefer the more traditional method of smoking flower or our easy prerolls? How about the potency of our extracts? Whatever you’re searching for, you’ll find it at Barbary Coast. Shop in-store or online. Pick up in-store or have us come to your door with delivery!

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