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Lost Farm Edibles in San Francisco, CA

If you’ve been searching for Lost Farm ultra-fresh, extra-strength, flavor-forward cannabis-infused gummies and chews, look no further than Barbary Coast. This family of strain-specific edibles from Kiva represents a quest to create perfection. Lost Farm products are made with live resin, setting them apart from the ordinary. The painstaking extraction process of live resin separates out the desired cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that are traditionally sacrificed in the making of most edibles. Combined with fruit flavors, each strain is a treat for the senses.

Lost Farms Cannabis Infused Gummies

Championing innovation, awareness, and acceptance, Barbary Coast is a weed dispensary for every preference. Medicinal patients, recreational connoisseurs, beginners, locals, and SF tourists are welcome to shop the brands and strains that maximize plant potential. Stop by and experience the colors, aromas, and textures firsthand. Shop online for the ease of in-store pickup or delivery. We make it easy to enjoy!

lost farm cannabis infused gummies

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