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Lost Farm Cannabis Chews

Everyone’s talking about Lost Farm Chews. Bursting with flavor and potency, these full spectrum, plant-based, cannabis-infused chews are a unique experience. The difference is the live resin. The process of creating live resin includes flash-freezing flower at harvest to preserve the rich terpene profiles, depth of aromas, and full flavors. The extraction strips away excess plant material to leave behind the delicate cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, which are then infused into these amazing chews.

Lost Farm Cannabis Infused Chews at Barbary Coast Dispensary

Sour Grape x HUF Diesel, Sour melon x Northern Lights, Blood Orange x Chem Dog, Tangerine x Sunset Sherbet, Blueberry x Blue Dream, and Key Lime x Lemon Meringue is a small sample of a nearly endless variety of chews from Lost Farm. Visit Barbary Coast and take a thorough tour of our menu or browse/order online. We offer the added convenience of in-store pickup and delivery!

lost farm cannabis infused chews

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