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If you’re looking for a sign that you need to go holiday shopping, this is it. Be your holidays, happy, hyphy or high, we hope you choose us to be in your stocking this year. Enjoy our curated lists for the whole family in the last week before Christmas! Happy Holidaze from the coast with the most.

Grandma: Some of our grandmas have never even seen cannabis up close before, and some of them can smoke us under the table. Either way, the matriarchs of our family trees deserve some trees (and treats), and we have the best selection. Elyon’s Lemon Kush prerolls conveys the ideal balance of THC and CBD. Plus’ Blueberry Balance gummies work for the most sensitive of stomachs. Mary’s Medicinals’ 1:1 compound soothes and heals corporeal conditions from the inside out. Split a teapot of Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea next time you visit!
Grandpa: Don’t act like your grandpappy wasn’t chiefing like a chimney way back in the day. Indulge him in some exotic genetics from his time: 1Lyfe’s Lamb’s Bread and Pure Beauty’s Guava Jelly will have him hazy with nostalgia. If his lungs can’t handle it anymore, treat him to some Pomegranate 1:1 gummies from Wyld or Venice Cookie Co’s Pretzels. Dr Kerklaan’s Sleep Cream is handy for any aches and pains, and our very own Barbary 1:1 Tincture will help with any insomnia. 
Mom/Wife: Happy wife, happy life! And if she’s high, well… She might not hit the joint anymore, but she’ll munch on a gummy or special cookie from time to time. Treat her to the Plus Sour Watermelon gummies or the Wyld Huckleberry hybrid chews. If she’d prefer to make her own, Heavenly Sweets cannabutter will make any Christmas cookies even more festive. If she’s not into a psychoactive experience at all, elevate her bathing experience with the Leef CBD soaps or the OM body infused bath oil. 
Dad/Husband: Isn’t having you as a wife/child enough for him? Of course not, but a great gift ensures he’s on his best behavior all year round. While cigars are toxic, Lobo’s Presidente hemp blunts are not, and they burn just as slowly. Our color-coordinated snapbacks fit just about any head, and shirts and hoodies are available from small to 2XL. Regardless if it’s for you or your partner/spouse, Quim’s Night Moves sensual oil is a win-win-win.
Girlfriend/Sister: If you aren’t going to buy her some carats, you can still get her some diamonds in the form of Focus Concentrates’s Clementine or The Sweeties sugar from 710 Labs. If she isn’t about the dab life, some Raspberry Wyld gummies or a Churro preroll are sure to give her a happy holiday. We’ve also heard Foria is very popular with the ladies…
Boyfriend/Brother: Anything but a tincture! Just kidding. Infuse him with your devotion through products that are also infused! Aka, all the Cavi Cones, all the Lobos joints and the Snoochie Boochies Moonrocks courtesy of Jay & Silent Bob, the Papaya Persy rosin by 710 labs. If he’s nice, he deserves Big Al’s Plush Mints and if he’s naughty, he can watch you smoke all the Clout King Peanut Butter Breath or drink all his Lagunitas Hi-Hops canna-beers. 

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