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Glass rigs, bowls, papers, tips, wraps, vaporizers, water pipes, and dab sticks are a small sample of the hardware you’ll discover at Barbary Coast. We carry all of the essential gear, fun additions, and helpful accessories that enhance your cannabis experience. Shop with us and be sure of the quality, innovation, and exceptional style. Whether for recreational pleasure or medicinal treatment, the right gear makes the difference.

High-Quality Cannabis Accessories

Barbary Coast is your local favorite in San Francisco. Our fun and welcoming vibe attract locals, visitors, newbies, and serious cannabis connoisseurs, and we have something to please everyone. Show your support with our comfortable and cool long-sleeve tees, short-sleeve tees, hoodies, and hats!

Weed Vapes, Bowls, Papers & More

Like the rest of our brands, strains, and consumptions methods, our classic and progressive hardware, paraphernalia and attire is available to shop online. Helpful descriptions, clear pictures, and the ability to customize your search parameters make it so easy to find what you’re looking for, hoping for, or even if you’re just imagining possibilities. You can save a little time with in-store pickup or wait for us to come to you with delivery service offered anywhere across San Francisco, CA.

Just a Few Testimonials

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