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This is my first time in a dispensary what should I expect?
Every dispensary operates differently. You can expect a normalized retail experience, like going to a clothing store with a splash of going a wine bar. Typically you will receive a one on one consultation with a “budtender”.
What are the differences between indica, hybrid and sativa?
Indica is perfect for nighttime, typically a more relaxed body high which is great for pain relief, nausea, and sleeping. Sativa is perfect for daytime, typically a more energetic, focused, mental high, great for creativity and outdoors. Hybrid is great for both times of the day, a balanced mental and body high.
What are dabs?
Dabs is the vaporization of concentrated cannabis. If smoking a joint is like coffee, then dabs is like espresso.
I have never used cannabis. What is the standard dosage for edibles?
With no tolerance to cannabis a great starting dose is 2mg – 2.5mg which is considered a micro-dose. Always start with a small dose and wait up to an hour before taking another dose. “You can always take more, you cannot take less”.
I have never used cannabis. What are the different effects of smoking, vaping and eating edibles?
Smoking and vaping are similar in effects. Typically felt within minutes, the high can last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours. Smoking combusts cannabis at higher temperatures and can tax your respiratory system more than vaping. Edibles are typically felt within 30 minutes to an hour. The effects can last 4 – 8 hours and are twice as potent.
I have never used cannabis. How long should I expect the effects to last? [smoking, vaping edibles]
Depending on how much cannabis was consumed the length of effects can vary. Typically 2 – 4 hours for smoking and vaping. Typically 4 – 8 hours for edibles.
If I have consumed alcohol before consuming cannabis what could happen?
You can expect the effects of cannabis to be much stronger. Often called the “cross faded” effect, it is described as feeling very sedated, nauseas, and dizzy.

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