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Whether you’re looking to dab, vape, make your own edibles or add potency to your flower, cannabis extracts are ideal. Make the most of the versatility and benefits by shopping at Barbary Coast. For recreational use or medical treatment, our selection of live resin, hash, waxes, moon rocks, rosins, shatters, sauces, diamonds and more are definitely going to impress, surprise and satisfy.

Top-Quality Cannabis Extracts

Browse industry innovators such as Raw Garden, Phinest Cannabis, King’s Garden, Everyday Dabs, and Caviar Gold. Discover the most popular, unique, and cannabinoid-rich strains on the market, including Kush Mintz, Muffinz, Orange Banana, Citrus Diesel, Kush Cake, Slurricane, and Space Fox. We’ve got everything you’ve always wanted to try, heard about, and consider your favorite.

Enjoy the convenience of cannabis extracts!

Extracts are highly-concentrated. Small quantities provide strong, long-lasting effects and are ideal for treating loss of appetite, insomnia, chronic pain, PTSD, seizures and so much more. Available in half-gram and gram weights, in a variety of prices and potency, our hybrid, sativa, indica, and CBD extracts accommodate your experience level and suit your medical or recreational goals. Shop in-store or online, consult with our budtenders, or choose in-store pickup or delivery across San Francisco, CA.

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