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Claybourne Flower in San Francisco, CA

The third largest brand in California, Claybourne has been producing top-shelf cannabis since 2017. Meticulous about every step of the production process, their proprietary techniques optimize trichome protection and elevate quality and consistency. Claybourne flower is dried by way of a total-darkness, hang-dry process and hand-trimmed. Shop Gold Cuts for cannabis flower that sets the bar higher. From Private Stock Big Buds to premium Original Small Buds and a variety of truly amazing pre-rolls, you’re going to discover something to get excited about.

Recreational Weed Dispensary with Claybourne Bud

Barbary Coast is where you find all you r favorite Claybourne buds. Our recreational dispensary is a staple in San Francisco. We welcome medicinal patients and recreational friends and offer outstanding variety and quality of weed. Shop with us in-store or online. Choose to pick up or let us deliver. We look forward to providing an amazing experience.

claybourne cannabis flower

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