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Perfectly situated in San Francisco & the surrounding areas, Barbary Coast is always nearby and sure to surprise and satisfy. Our cannabis carts are a big part of our reputation. Variety and opportunity partner with outstanding flavors, cannabinoids, and therapeutic properties, adding up to all sorts of benefits. Try out a modern, simple, and user-friendly consumption method. You get all the fun of smoking with less work, less smell, and no ash.

Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Specialty pods, disposables, and cartridges from brands such as Friendly Farms, Dime Bag and Raw Garden ensure innovation, integrity and quality. Shop indicas, sativas and hybrids strains with names like Chem Krush, Pacific Passion and Sunset Sherbet. Choose from a wide array of THC potency, pricing, effects, and terpenes. Whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, from couch-lock to an uplighting cerebral high, we cater to you.

Looking for cartridges? Barbary Coast has you covered!

Vapes are on the rise. Not only more discreet, they eliminate the combustion process and resulting carcinogens. They offer high levels of therapeutic cannabinoids and accommodate the standards of a seasoned enthusiast as well as the simplicity desired by newbies. Feel free to ask questions of our budtenders. We know our products and take the time to get to know your preferences and expectations. Our carts are also available through online shopping, in-store pickup, and delivery anywhere across San Francisco, CA.

Just a Few Testimonials

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