“A Dab Will Do Ya”

I took my first dab on Halloween of 2013, after a rap concert; I was so high I couldn’t open my eyes and I relied on the kindness of my friends to guide me back home. When Redwood Dave came down … Continued

A Little About the Blog and Me!

Hi patients of Barbary Coast and readers who may have stumbled along this page at a late hour… I’m Amelia! I realized in my last post I didn’t identify myself so I figure a headshot and three-ish informal paragraphs can … Continued

A Glimpse into the Glass Gala + Redwood Dave

Salutations, patients of Barbary Coast! Over the weekend we hosted and brought into reality our first ever in the lounge Glass Gala, a curated gallery and exhibition of hand-blown glass art works by the notorious collector Redwood Dave. Seeing as … Continued

The medical cannabis company, founded by Montel Williams.

“Medical cannabis has allowed me to live a productive, fruitful life despite having multiple sclerosis. Many thousands of others all over this country, less well-known than me but whose stories are just as real, have experienced the same thing.” Montel … Continued

New Product: Prana Medicinals

Prana Bio Medicinal Products Making a difference with medical cannabis. Advanced Cannabinoid TherapyProfessionals helping patients target, personalize, and manage ailments thru a wide range of cannabinoid based products. Bio Nutrient Medicinals. Patient-based care. What is it 100% plant-based hypoallergenic medicine … Continued

New Product: Swami Select

Swami Select Now Available at San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Collective SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2017 — Swami Select, hailed as “The Dom Perignon of Cannabis” by VICE, announced today it will begin sales of its medical cannabis in San Francisco … Continued

New Product: Higher Ground Cannabis

GENERAL INFO: Solvent-less hash, like dry sift and ice water extraction, represents the highest quality and least adulterated form of cannabis concentrate. The goal of solvent-less extracts like dry sift and ice water hash (or bubble hash) is pure glandular … Continued