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Tea, coffee, drink mixes, tonics, classic sodas, mocktails, and seltzers in flavors like Cranberry Sage, Blue Razz, Keef Cola, Lemon Lavender, and Root Beer are just a sample of the many cannabis-infused beverage options available from Barbary Coast. Choose from hybrids and CBD and have confidence in well-known brands such as Keef, Cann, Lagunitas, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. We open the door to an exciting array of innovations and opportunities.

Cannabis-Infused Beverages Available

Relax, bliss out, get sleepy or hungry, or be creative. Enjoy an energy boost or treat symptoms such as chronic pain. The versatility of beverages allows a very customized experience. Mix with your favorite non-alcoholic beverages and indulge in a high THC potency without the hangover of alcohol. Pour over ice or take a shot. Cater to your preference, objectives, and tastes. There’s no mess, no tell-tale aroma, and no need for extra gear.

Visit Barbary Coast for cannabis-infused beverages!

While cannabis-infused beverages are edibles, the onset of effects is quicker due to sublingual absorptions of cannabinoids. There’s also the benefit of precision dosing mixed with fun and bold flavors. And when you shop beverages and drink mixes from Barbary Coast, you can browse our shelves and consult with our knowledgeable budtenders or search our website and opt for in-store pickup or delivery anywhere throughout San Francisco, CA.

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