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Barbary Coast Rewards Update Effective May 28, 2019
Today we implemented an update to Barbary Coast Rewards and we are excited to announce the improvements to the customer experience. We have absorbed a great deal of customer feedback and it gave the defining shape to the update. Our goals are:
  • To make it simpler to access your account (on your smartphone and no password to remember)
  • To make earning points simpler to follow (1 point = $1)
  • To provide more transparency. (after every purchase you immediately see the points added).
Please refer to the Barbary Coast Rewards page for an explanation of the updated rewards experience. “Barbary Coast Rewards”

Rewards Program & Account Administration
If you have questions about your Rewards Account it could be that you have more than 1 profile in our database. Thanks, in advance, for providing us with information so we can research your account(s). Please contact us regarding any question that you have and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.
We appreciate your loyalty and your patience with us as we evolve with you.

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