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Baby Jeeter Pre-Rolls in San Francisco, CA

Jeeter premium cultivators originate in south Florida and have become prominent San Francisco favorites. Award-winning pre-rolls infused with Liquid Diamonds, high-THC concentrates, a variety of vapes, and a full line of exciting products raise the bar on potency and flavor. Baby Jeeters are smaller-sized pre-rolls designed for convenience, discretion, and a quick break in the day. These minis come five to a jar, weigh 0.5g and yet pack a punch. Infused options add up to 2.5g. You’re going to love the experience and the price!

Our Marijana Dispensary Carries Baby Jeeter Strains

For top-shelf Baby Jeeter strains, shop at Barbary Coast, your nearby marijuana dispensary. Championing quality, variety, and the most exceptional cannabis on the market, we welcome MMJ cardholders and recreational enthusiasts to visit in-store or order online. Take advantage of the expediency of pickup or choose delivery and we’ll come to you!

baby jeeter pre-rolls

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