Barbary Coast Rewards Update

Barbary Coast Rewards Update Effective May 28, 2019 Today we implemented an update to Barbary Coast Rewards and we are excited to announce the improvements to the customer experience. We have absorbed a great deal of customer feedback and it … Continued

Is Your Medicine Clean Green?

Hi readers and weeders,  Did you know it’s illegal to use pesticides on cannabis? Did you also know that it’s illegal to call cannabis “organic?” I know, I know.    I don’t want to scare you, but there’s a lot … Continued

Where to Scratch Your Cannabis Curiosity

Nothing invigorates the body and mind like a trip to a salon. A place with decor, a sharp smell, a place to unwind and exhale. I’m not talking about a salon for hair and nails, but for cannabis! What? Yes. … Continued

Lounge Lizards, Look No Further

It’s good to be back! The school year is drawing to a close for me (who said stoners can’t be academics?) and my schedule has changed a little, but rest assured I am still here to medicate, educate and hopefully … Continued

What a (Stoner) Girl Wants

This one is for my ladies who love weed! Young women in the cannabis industry know they are outnumbered. You might not know it walking through our doors and seeing all the beautiful and knowledgeable ladies (and I’m totally one … Continued

A Case for the Munchies

Growing up in San Francisco, everyone I know has a bad “pot brownie” experience or bad high school edible story; I know I do. For a long time I steered clear of anything edible and just stuck with flower because I … Continued

The non-psychoactive approach

I would say 85% of the patients I see want to experience a high. Yes, they have legitimate symptoms, be it: cancer, nausea, MS, anxiety, Crohn’s, nerve pain and/or insomnia, but they also want the mental sensation that comes with smoking … Continued

“A Dab Will Do Ya”

I took my first dab on Halloween of 2013, after a rap concert; I was so high I couldn’t open my eyes and I relied on the kindness of my friends to guide me back home. When Redwood Dave came down … Continued

A Little About the Blog and Me!

Hi patients of Barbary Coast and readers who may have stumbled along this page at a late hour… I’m Amelia! I realized in my last post I didn’t identify myself so I figure a headshot and three-ish informal paragraphs can … Continued