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It’s good to be back!

The school year is drawing to a close for me (who said stoners can’t be academics?) and my schedule has changed a little, but rest assured I am still here to medicate, educate and hopefully in the next couple years, matriculate! I find myself appreciating things more once I take a step back, and work is no exception. As I enter work more often now just as a patient topping up in the middle of the week, I see more and more how you all on the other side of the bar experience us.

Recreational cannabis is right around the corner, and we are not the only one pulling out all the stops to enhance your cannabis and dispensary experience. Lounges are not as rare as they once were, and it seems other businesses are taking a cue from our rather successful model. But as the saying goes, we are often imitated but never replicated, and I think it’s important to understand what sets us apart and how our approach raises the bar for dispensaries all across the country.


I can NOT stress this enough: the medicine must be tested. Come 2018, cannabis both medical and recreational will be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and its use of pesticide and fungicides will be regulated by the Department of Agriculture to prevent tainted product from reaching our shelves. If a club cannot provide numbers and testing from a reputable lab, I find myself much less inclined to buying something. Untested medicine is still a very real phenomenon, and if they are letting you consume untested medicine on site, you expose not only yourself but also those around you.


always check the equipment. You have probably hear us in the lounge parroting on about our dab rigs from Skyglass, or our Errlectric quartz e-nails: that is so you understand the difference. Our equipment, be it bong, vaporizer, or rig is cleaned twice daily to maximize their effectiveness, but also as to not cross strains or allow buildup to conflict with whatever strain or flavor you are trying out. For dab rigs, quartz bangers or nails are best: they allow for superior concentrate flavor and are much easier to clean. We also believe in minimizing patient risk of injury, so our equipment does not require a torch or large open flame. 

Now I know the whole point of the lounge is to medicate safely, comfortably and thoroughly, but did you learn anything new? Are your budtenders or dabtenders educating you in the process to make your experience even easier? Learning how to hit a dab rig as opposed to a bong is one thing, but how do you contextualize that within the ever-growing realm of cannabis concentrates? Wait, what? Maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but I hope wherever you choose to decompress and enjoy your medicine has people who can answer any question that may arise.


how do you feel sitting in the space? How is the noise? Could you see yourself medicating here comfortably? What’s the decor? Amenities? I can’t speak for anyone else but at Barbary we provide you:

  • Dab rigs, vaporizers and bongs free to use with an ID + deposit (the bong is a $20 deposit in case it breaks, but it won’t!):
  • Complimentary WIFI while in the lounge
  • Industry reading materials like MG magazine, Culture magazine and Green State newspaper
  • Fully permitted space for open flame combustion: joints, and flower smoking is A-OK!
  • Dabs and vape pens are also welcome
  • HD TVs set to a variety of programming, including cartoons and sports games when on.
  • weekly Happy Hour deals at the dab bar

And we are working on more to come! If you feel that my bias eclipses my ability to evaluate our lounge, I totally get it. Check out our PRESS section for what everyone else thinks!

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