A Little About the Blog and Me!

Hi patients of Barbary Coast and readers who may have stumbled along this page at a late hour…

I’m Amelia! I realized in my last post I didn’t identify myself so I figure a headshot and three-ish informal paragraphs can help us get acquainted.

If you’ve been by Barbary and you see a young blonde lady sprinting about, sing-songing to her patients or dabbing people out, that’s me. I’m a San Francisco native and I’ve been working at Barbary for almost 2 years now. My relationship with cannabis is a longstanding one that straddles the medicinal and recreational: I have been using cannabis as a way to relieve my OCD-related symptoms and alleviate PMS-related pain and moodiness, but it also stimulates my creativity and makes my day-to-day experience more fun. I also did an interview with MG magazine!  I would say 70% of my cannabis consumption now is concentrates, 15% flower and 15% everything else. However, I have personal experience with just about every product on our shelves and in our fridges, so I do not make blind recommendations.

In addition to budtending I am also a journalism student at a university here in the Bay Area, which is how this blog really came about. When I first started working at Barbary back in 2015, I knew very little beyond the difference between sativa and indica and that “Cookies” was everybody’s favorite. Most of the information I picked up– including the endocannabinoid system, the long-ignored benefits of CBD and how to tell if your bud is flushed– was invaluable to me not only in how I viewed my own medicine, but how I then made recommendations to patients. Did I lose you? If so, that’s ok: you’re in the majority. More and more information both anecdotal and scholarly becomes readily available every year, but much of the truth remains in-industry domain.

This blog and I want to change that, by providing you– our patients, our audience, our transient visitors– with information straight from the source. Expect to see event features, product reviews and write-ups, interviews with industry professionals and answers to questions that you may have not yet found an answer for. I am not a DJ, so I do take requests, and if you’ve got ideas I’d love to hear them! This is meant to be a positive space where people can come together and learn more about one of their favorite things: cannabis.