A Glimpse into the Glass Gala + Redwood Dave

Salutations, patients of Barbary Coast!

Over the weekend we hosted and brought into reality our first ever in the lounge Glass Gala, a curated gallery and exhibition of hand-blown glass art works by the notorious collector Redwood Dave. Seeing as it was the maiden voyage for us (or any dispensary ever!!) we were a little nervous, but you put our fears to rest that the Bay Area is ready for glass! And don’t think it was just rigs and bongs: Redwood Dave’s eclectic taste and eye for marketable glass means we had everything from Sherlock pipes to a Michelin Man rig to banana-shaped pendants to mustache-shaped joint-holders. Many rigs were out in the booths for patients to meet Dave and take dabs with him out of over $110k worth of glass. If you were not able to make it– don’t worry! Dave left a number of tantalizing pieces behind with us, so keep your eyes peeled for our newsletter announcement about when those will be available for sale.

So why glass? By now if you have been frequenting the lounge you have probably heard at least one (or two, or everyone) of our staff tell you about dabs and how they compare to smoking a joint or eating an edible. By and large, patients love em! I see many of you weekly, if not daily, excited not only to dab but to learn more about them: how they’re made, how they work, and how they can make you feel! Most of you appear to be curious about our equipment too. We use Klein recycler rigs from Sky Glass, based in Oregon, along with Errrlectric quartz e-nails. An emerging question I’ve noticed a lot is, what’s the difference? How does the quality of glass impact the quality of the dab? The man behind the glass collection. Redwood Dave, insists that your dab is only as good as the glass it’s on. He would know: he has a piece for every occasion. Over the course of the gala I saw him hit no less than 6 different rigs with distinct design: one was shaped like a pineapple, one was a “Wormhole,” one looked like a microscope and one looked like a honey bear perched in a tree. And of course, that wild Face Mask bong 2 Chainz is smoking out of on our event flyer. The quality of glass impacts how much of the dab gets converted to vapor, how smooth it’s going to pass through water, and the effort your lungs will need to make in order to receive that dab. In other words, put your money where your dab is! Dave knows his stuff: he should at this point.

A little background on Redwood Dave: for someone who at any given time can be carrying around almost a hundred grand locked in Pelican cases, you would think (or maybe just I thought) he would be a little uptight, or protective, or just a little self-important. Turns out he’s none of those things. He describes himself as lucky, rather than destined, for this lifestyle. His career in glass began almost 20 years ago in Arizona in 1998 when he met two glass-blowers by the names of Don and John. He started working with them buying glass at wholesale prices and selling them for retail rates before he caught a break to sell glass on tour with the likes of Phish, The Grateful Dead, and any band that would let them set up a booth by the second stage. From there, he saw a viable career opportunity and decided to go to school for a degree in Botany and Business, still touring in the summer time. After graduation he moved out of Arizona in 2005 and headed north to the Cannabis and Glass capital of the West, Humboldt county. In Humboldt this “luck” helped him again in meeting now-famous glass artist JD Maplesden (a trailer for his film Vagabong can be seen here), and it was only up from there. Now he lives in what he calls a “blur,” and by blur he means guest-judging canna conventions like Chalice, High Times Cup and Emerald Cup and leasing his glass out to publications like GQ, Esquire, Vice and Viceland programs. Ever seen Actions Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens? Some of those rigs belong to Dave. Glass to Dave is like a designer handbag or a nice watch: it feels cool to use, but it’s ultimately an investment. “There’s nothing wrong with consistency,” he says on the market value of his glass, “once it goes legal and this is available to Middle America, it’s going to blow up and the value of these pieces will skyrocket.”

Despite all this, he doesn’t believe the world owes him a pedestal. He insists that the best investments are ones that will last rather than the most outlandish or flamboyant. He’s optimistic about the future, and just happy to be here for the present. Here’s a pro tip: to get more longevity out of your banger, swab your nail after every dab with a dip in isopropyl alcohol; it will sizzle, but it clings to every smidge of oil and will evaporate before the next dab is ready to go.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! We at Barbary Coast are committed to elevating our patients’ cannabis experience and maximizing their understanding of the medicine they use daily to improve their quality of life. Keep an eye on our newsletter for more information about the glass for sale and keep checking this blog for more content to come.