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A Case for the Munchies

Growing up in San Francisco, everyone I know has a bad “pot brownie” experience or bad high school edible story; I know I do. For a long time I steered clear of anything edible and just stuck with flower because I was afraid the bad trip would happen again: I would get giggly, then paranoid, then plain dumb, then exhausted. I was fortunate enough never to throw up or make a spectacle of myself, but some aren’t so lucky. But as I got my recommendation and started frequenting clubs and experimenting with a lot of free samples, I had to give them another try. Fortunately, the professionals are a lot more accurate with their doses than I was, and offer a range of dosages (as low as 2.5 mg!) in a spectrum of delivery methods to meet all dietary needs. Everyone’s body is different, and how a body digests an edible depends on too many factors ( like metabolism, time of last meal, age and activity level) to not be precise.

Are you hungry yet? Well that was the point! Edibles require a lot more forethought than a quick smoke, but in the long term can provide better symptom relief than most other delivery methods. As with anything, take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment, as long as you follow the dosing guide! Happy munching.


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