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Did you know it’s illegal to use pesticides on cannabis? Did you also know that it’s illegal to call cannabis “organic?” I know, I know. 


I don’t want to scare you, but there’s a lot of dirty weed on the market. Steep Hill labs in Berkeley has published multiple reports in as recently as THIS year reported that most of the samples they receive are contaminated, and even growers not using pesticides run the risk if they are using dirty clones. This is an issue that has its claws in most states with medical and recreational cannabis: Colorado, Washington and Oregon have all had labs conduct similar tests to find the “honor system” for cannabis testing is not working out. 

Well I want to first assure you that Barbary has never sold flower and concentrates it had tested first, and anything that is not compliant with the unwritten standard “100ppb” (parts per billion) of mold, pesticide or solvent does not reach the shelves. Many vendors approach us with test results, but we insist on doing it ourselves too. Popular labs used by Barbary and other labs in the Bay Area include Pure Analytics, CW Analytical, SC Labs, SteepHill Labs and ANRESCO Labs. All meet standards based on other states’ legislation, but none are technically sanctioned by the government and do not necessarily have to adhere to these standards. Furthermore, they are not being used by everyone. So, how does a patient determine if her medicine is not going to poison her? Always ask your budtender about testing and the lab facility. If they can’t answer you, that’s a risk you must take. There are other ways. 


Chris van Hook thought of one of those ways. He started the Clean Green certification coming from a marine biology and attorney background back in 2004, in the dawn age of dispensaries in California made possible by Prop 215 in 1996 and Senate Bill 420 in 2003. Clean Green, unlike most labs, combines standards from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, a federally-licensed lab and ethical guidelines to ensure that certified products are not only “organic.”

Organic is one thing, and ethical is another. Not only do Chris and his team ensure the crop is  clean, but that the growers are using ethical and environmental practices for their land, water use and exposure to minors. No product can be Clean Green unless it passes all these criteria. 

Clean Green is not the only way to ensure untainted medicine. You know WE test everything and that will never change. But if you find yourself at a different establishment where you don’t feel as sure, look for the Clean Green emblem! It looks like this


Some products we carry that are Clean Green certified are all Raw Garden concentrates, Higher Ground rosin and some flowers we have carried in the past. The certification is available in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and more states to come! You can ask any of our staff at any time about testing, potency and Clean Green certifications, just holler! Now, enjoy those holiday leftovers and stay medicated!


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